Fiberworx manufactures innovative nonwoven products that are on the leading edge of acoustic and thermal protection in various markets. Harnessing diverse technical abilities and an innovative research and development department, we utilize recycled and virgin materials to create clean and lightweight fibers used in numerous commercial applications.  We offer products that are highly engineered to match the specification of each customer.



Vehicles are much more than just transportation between point A and point B. They have grown to be an extension of the consumer, individualized to his or her needs. Our innovative nonwoven fibers provide the acoustic, thermal, and vibrational solutions required for a smooth experience in any vehicle. Our products can be molded, die-cut, or incorporated into an already developed part or system. Our team can adjust the denier and blend just right for your automotive application, be it under the hood or in the trunk.

  • Light Weight Facings
  • Headliner Silencers
  • Pillar Acoustics
  • Trunk Silencers
  • Wheel House Liners
  • Under Carpet Insulators


Fiberworx produces unique random-velour supported fleece that provides a denser fabric structure for improved warmth, as well as the structural integrity required for sewn applications. Recycle fibers find new life in our printed lining materials. Customers find that needle punched fabrics are a cost effective alternative to more-expensive knits and wovens, providing performance and features fine-tuned to the application.

  • Work Jackets
  • Clothing
  • Vests
  • Linings
  • Slippers
  • Caps

Mattress & Furnishings

The soft, airy quality of nonwoven fibers renders them an optimal stuffing or padding material for all markets whose major concern is comfort, including the mattress and bedding markets. Further enhancing Fiberworx's green objectives, our product can act as both a low-cost and eco-friendly alternative for the down and foam industry standard materials. The thermal insulation property is only one on a long list of advantages of nonwovens in the mattress and bedding markets, including heat and flame resistance, durability, and more.

  •  Mattresses
  • Comforters
  • Cushions
  • Pillows

Building Materials & Construction

Nonwovens are an integral part of construction whether on the road or in a building. In the case of Fiberworx products, they take on multiple roles in building and home construction for their insulation properties. For undesirable noise and discreteness inside the residential home, our products are useful as acoustic insulation. They double as thermal insulators, helping home and building owners to regulate energy costs due to temperature management. Atop homes and buildings, Fiberworx nonwovens can be utilized within the construction of roofing components.

  • Floor Underlayment
  • Acoustical Underlayment
  • Roofing Components
  • Insulation

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