Working Together.

Fiberworx is proud to welcome Troy to the Dan T. Moore family of companies. With this new partnership, Fiberworx has become a diversified nonwoven supplier able to offer lofted materials and needled felts to automotive and industrial markets.

Automotive Solutions

Fiberworx engineers and produces acoustic, thermal, and vibrational product solutions with the goal of guaranteeing a safe and soundproof driving experience for automotive end consumers.

Here to Help

The Fiberworx team is committed to working with customers to design, engineer, and supply the ideal nonwoven solution. Let us harness our experience and expertise to design the product you are looking for. 

Engineered Nonwoven Solutions

Fiberworx manufactures innovative nonwoven products that are on the leading edge of acoustic and thermal protection in various markets. Harnessing diverse technical abilities and an innovative research and development department, we utilize recycled and virgin materials to create clean and lightweight fibers used in numerous commercial applications.  We offer products that are highly engineered to match the specification of each customer.

Acoustical Barrier Composites

Fiberworx acoustical barrier composite constructions, incorporating both barrier and absorber materials, are engineered to block and reflect high-energy, low-frequency road noise and airborne sound for a smooth experience in any car. 

Lofted and Needled Fiber

Our innovative nonwoven fibers provide the acoustic, thermal, and vibrational solutions required for a smooth experience in any vehicle. Fiberworx lofted and needled products make the ideal trunk silencers, wheel house liners, and more.

Flexible Heatshields & Adhesives

Fiberworx heatshields include an in-house pressure sensitive adhesive that allows for direct attachment to most automotive surfaces. Their flexible structure conforms to various curvatures and shapes ideal for complicated automotive applications.



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