Fiberworx is a member of the Dan T. Moore Company portfolio and is headquartered at the Cleveland Industrial Innovation Center along with 10 of its sister subsidiaries. Harnessing diverse technical abilities and an innovative research and development department, we utilize recycled and virgin materials to create clean and lightweight fibers used in numerous commercial applications, from the automotive to the mattress industry. Our specialty is customer specific materials that require an engineered solution or composite including nonwoven materials and various value-adding laminates or processes. 

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Fiberworx is a young company with experienced leaders, committed to always putting the customer's needs first.  Our dedication to each and every customer is what sets us apart from other non-woven suppliers, along with our diverse expertise and skill set, including:

  • Turning quotes around quickly
  • Manufacturing both lofted material and needle punch materials
  • Applying EVA or POE inline without adhesive
  • Offering pressure sensitive applications for low surface energy materials
  • Utilizing highly recycled products for eco-friendly applications and to improve cost

We take pride in protecting the environment.  We not only recycle much of the waste we generate back into our products but also find new life for worn out sweaters and other items by reprocessing them into useable raw materials.

The Fiberworx mission is to develop, market, and manufacture nonwoven products with demanding specifications and high quality requirements which utilize our resources of facilities and people.  The mission is carried out with honesty and integrity in all aspects and activities of the company.

Our strategy is to excel by developing and designing products tailored to customer needs, providing those products at a uniformly high level of quality and at competitive prices, and continually striving for better quality and improved value to our customers.



Cleveland Industrial Innovation Center
17000 Saint Clair Ave.
Ste. 105
Cleveland, OH 44110

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